Fundamental policy:
"Quality rather than Quantity."

As a result:

We have won over 420 medals, as well as national
and international awards.

In terms of production as well as enjoyment. Drink moderately, but regularly.

Even in the Ancient World, wine was regarded as medicine. As such, our goal has always been to produce high-quality wines as well as sparkling wines that we can drink with pleasure and enjoyment. Pleasure without regret. Moderate consumption fosters good health. International studies have proved that moderate, but regular, enjoyment of wine can reduce the risk of heart attack up to sixty percent.

Committed to the motto: "Use technology to keep chemicals far away from wine."

A word about pest control:

Because it is impossible to completely forgo measures to combat pests, our motto is:

"As little as possible, and only as much as is really necessary."

An old vintner's saying offers a few words of wisdom:

A healthy wine, i.e. pure and agreeable, can only be made from healthy grapes.